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Grief - Stress - Anxiety - Trauma

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Experience counselling with a difference. It’s my passion to help clients discover who they truly are and feel great about themselves.

Discover You, Your Personal Balance and the confidence that comes with it.

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To Help Children, Teens, Couples, Single People and Anyone that needs Balance through unique counselling approaches, is what makes my work fulfilling.

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Finding Balance

I Help you find Balance in your daily Life by focusing on a Holistic Counselling Approach in my practice.

My Approach

Counselling that may incorporate Sandplay (should the client choose so); are the main modalities we work with. Sandplay is a mostly nonverbal play modality that uses a tray of sand and miniature figures to create a scene that reflects a person’s inner world and activates inner healing and balance.

The Outcome

By being honest and acknowledge your feelings you are one step closer in becoming a more balanced person. With the support of counselling, you can achieve your goal of finding inner balance, calm, and empowerment.

I first came to see Celia feeling highly anxious following a significant life transition at a time where the path ahead was not at all clear. Celia has helped me find a way to discover and express so many different parts of myself without fearing being judged, which over time has helped me feel calmer, more whole, and more able to face whatever is ahead.
A friend suggested that we take my daughter, who was battling to express herself verbally after our divorce, to Dr Celia van Wyk for sand play therapy whereby she could express herself in a more creative way. I can highly recommend Dr Celia as she is sympathetic, professional and passionate about her work.
From very young, I can remember I often engaged in negative self-talk, sometimes it would not even be on a conscious level. I felt insignificant and overwhelmed all at the same time. This affected my confidence and had a negative effect on my everyday life, my relationships, my studies and later on my career. Feeling defeated, anxious and depressed, I had to make a conscious decision to become self-aware and to work on my own personal growth and deal with past traumas, in a safe and non-threatening way and environment. Doing Sandplay with Dr. Celia van Wyk, helped bridge the conscious and unconscious parts of my mind and in return made me feel balanced and whole. Overcoming my own personal obstacles, gaining pride within myself and becoming a strong, proud, independent individual through Sandplay, has been an invaluable journey.

Areas of Expertise!

Sandplay offers a unique approach to dealing with Grief. Find out more…

Stress is normal but when it impacts your life, counselling might be necessary to deal with stress and reduce the effects and bring back balance.  

With the correct tools and balancing approach, anxiety can be reduced or eliminated.

Trauma is a person’s emotional response to a distressing experience. Many people encounter trauma but not alot work through the effects of it.

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I've Worked with Many now balanced Clients.

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I Can Help You Take Your next Step Regardless of Who you are!

From Children to successful Business People you will find balance.

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